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At the intersection of health and performance

We find new ways to enable your commitment to athletes by expanding your reach in elevating the standard of care.

“With a click of a button, I can see how many hamstring injuries we’ve had or who has the most injuries. Easy access to data speaks volumes. We need to see the discrepancies between the teams, because those are the touchpoints we get asked about. Currently we have the capability to pull that data, and when you add in sophisticated analytics, the correlations between health and performance become evident.”

Natalie Akula
Player Care Coordinator for Major League Soccer LLC

Care across your organization

HealtheAthlete is a secure, web-based health management platform that helps you and your athletes track their health and care throughout their lifetime. This platform supports athletic trainers and sports medicine professionals in preventing and caring for injuries on and off the field. We are continually evolving our solutions to accommodate your changing athletic health management needs. Creating an electronic record that travels wherever an athlete goes is critical to ensuring that no matter who the athletic trainer is, he or she will have access to the latest information about that athlete’s injuries, surgeries, medications and treatments.


Connect to Athletes

Through a secure portal that supports them in accessing forms and submitting information into their records

Customize Forms

Capture data points such as equipment brands, surface type and weather conditions to spot meaningful trends in your athlete’s health

Harness Data

Support continued research and development at your organization

Identify Health Trends

Gain insights on best practices through standardization of data entry and real-time reporting

Predict Potential Risks

Anticipate what care will be needed if issues arise using predictive algorithms, powered by Cerner Math and Cerner Research

Take Advantage

Remote-hosting that delivers secure cloud computing

Use and Personalize

Enable custom workflows to streamline and improve communication among the care team and athletes

Use Health Data

Create health and training plans that promote an athlete’s overall health and wellness

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